Great Athearn Cars to collect

When you think of quality model railway stock one of the first brand names that should always spring to mind is Athearn. They put so much effort into what they produce it is unbelievable. As you most likely know, the range of athearn cars that Athearn has to offer is absolutely huge. On this page though I want to focus on something very specific in their range and that is their train cars. Here you are going to discover some of the best that the company has to offer and believe me when I say that what they produce is absolutely epic.


Athearn Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
  1. I want to kick off proceedings with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Road Post vehicle. There are plenty of post vehicles in the Athearn cars range but this is without a doubt one of the best and certainly the most unique. It has a striking brown color, something which is very rare to find in model railroad vehicles, after all, how many trains do you see painted in bright colors? You don’t do you? There is so much detail in this vehicle it is unbelievable, and they have got it accurate as well. This is without a doubt one of the best train cars for those that want to inject a bit of color into their model railroads. It certainly does stand out.

    Athearn baggage car for Amtrak
  2. In the past people seemed to love to design ‘traditional’ railroads which harked back to the times of old. However, nowadays I am finding that more and more people are actually looking into more modern layouts. I think that the latest Athearn Car that has been announced is perfect for that. This is the baggage car for Amtrak. It is ‘Phase 3’ and thus closely resembles the ones that you see on the roads of America at the moment. It is not that much to look at. After all, baggage cars are not really. It is nicely detailed though. Where I think it shines is the fact that there are a number of matching cars in the range (passenger, RPO, Diner and observation) which you can combine to create a rather beautiful looking train.
  3. Athearn is known for producing vehicles which closely resemble their real life counterparts. As a result they are often the ‘go to’ company for those that are looking to create something a little bit more realistic. If you are creating a modern railroad then you are obviously going to need a dining car. There are plenty in the range but my favorite is the one that is modelled on the ‘C&O’ dining vehicles. The color is beautiful and the detail is sublime. You just need to look through those windows to see how much love and attention has gone into crafting it. You would be proud to have this blazing around your track.

    Athearn Rounded Top Coach
  4. The final car I want to mention (but no means the last decent one in their range) is that of the ‘Rounded Top Northern Pacific Coach’. I have always had a soft spot for rounded top vehicles, and this is without a doubt one of my favorite. Again, the detail is absolutely perfect. This is ideal for those that are creating somewhat of a more traditional track. Good luck getting hold of one though, these babies are rare.