10 Interesting Ho Scale animals

Need some life in your HO scale scene? Here are 10 new ideas straight from the animal kingdom.

Animals can make a big difference in the look of rural areas. Whether it be farm animals or wildlife they bring color and contrast to otherwise empty and often times boring spaces.

#1 Cows

I hope these Cows don’t cause any Delays

Lets get started with the staple farm animal, the cow. They are great additions to farms or to create realistic looking pastures. This particular set even includes some hard working people 🙂

Unpainted cows for those who like to do their own Painting.
Unpainted cows for those who like to do their own Painting.

#2 Deer

Great for those forest edges or even at river banks. Deer are very common so they fit in anywhere and anytime. Maybe you have a road with a deer crossing sign? A perfect spot for a cheeky deer grazing at the side of the road.

#3 Chickens

Another staple farm animal is the chicken, complete with chicks and a lady to feed them. This is a great set for realistic farms or even around town in old time places.

#4 Small animals

I hope these don’t destroy gardens

Snakes, Mice, Birds you name it! Even some fish and frogs for those rivers and ponds. These critters can pretty much go anywhere and help to make things look more realistic and life like. Its pretty rare to see bugs and butterflies in sets so this set is a great starting off point for wild life.

#5 Horses

Horses are an absolute must for any railroad towns from the “pre-car” era such as western towns or frontier villages. But even in modern setups horses could be roaming and grazing by the train side pastures. Or maybe they are enjoying a snack of hay in their stable.

#6 Dogs & Cats

Imagine a frontier town without a single dog on a porch! Impossible! Dogs are essential to farms and towns. The large variety really helps keep things interesting. So many breeds to choose from so you don’t end up with everything looking the same. Different colors and sizes of dogs really mix up a scene and set it apart from others.

If we have dogs, we cant leave out cats. This setup comes complete with a garbage can for the cats to sit on. Whether they are alley cats or house cats any town worth its salt has at least a few to keep the rodents in check.

#7 Bears

Another great option for wildlife near forests or rivers. Just don’t mix them with the deer.

#8 Turkeys and Peacocks.

Not as popular as the other animals Turkeys are always a hit around Thanksgiving. And a peacock can be a pretty interesting piece to show off in a special layout.

#9 Hippo

Ok, I don’t know where you’re going to put a hippo. Maybe in an African setting or if your layout includes a zoo this could be a real winner!

#10 Giraffes

We have hippos, might as well end the list with some giraffes. As with the hippos, these would go great in an African layout or if you include a zoo. Zoos can be a great destination for trains and always attract large crowds.

There you have it ! I hope you enjoyed our top 10 ideas for ho scale animals. There are many varieties out there and with many of them unpainted you can have some pretty unique animals in your scene.